Mark Zuckerberg's Sister Peeved Over Facebook Privacy Incident



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This is the same person who stated that anonymity online should go away? Are you freakin' kidding me? Like the taste of your own crap randi?



In the words of Donnie Baker ... "SHUT UP, RANDI!"



" "Instead of vilifying a subscriber for not reading your mind, maybe you should talk to your brother about recent FB changes," another person Tweeted. "


(Oh and btw, Randi was just pissed because she's overweight and it shows in the photo. If it had been a more flattering photo then she wouldn't have made such a stink about this.)



These are the born-rich relatives of a billionaire? They're dressed in clothes that could have come from Wal-Mart and are in a kitchen that looks like it could be in a "middle class" house. Considering her choice of vocabulary ("way uncool") I suppose that if pressed she'd say that she & her cohort were just "bumming it" in that picture.

That's plenty embarrassing to them IMO but I have to concur on the suspicion that it is the obesity that caused her outrage. I'd bet that she outweighs me by far and I'm not the thinnest of folk. Which reminds me, I thought that, when it came to the youthful, being a "fatass American" was out and thin was in, that obesity was now a sign of poverty instead of wealth.



It is true that no one who posts anything anywhere online should expect it to remain private (or "semi-private"). That's just naive.

But it's also true that the polite thing to do before you repost someone else's photograph is to ask their permission, even if, for whatever reason, you believe it's in the public domain. If you don't own it, it's not yours to distribute.



If you don't own it then it's not yours to distribute? I disagree. We all should take responsibility for what we put on the internet. If there's any doubt about a photo being potentially embarrassing if it got out then you probably shouldn't put it online. And you ESPECIALLY shouldn't blame the person who rightly assumed it was a public photo. This is Facebook's fault and if Randi weren't the sister of Facebook's founder and a former employee of the company then she would be vilifying the company more than the user who innocently took the visible photo and tweeted it.

Bottom line: This is Facebook's fault and it's only Randi's bias that is keeping her from admitting that.



Hey, sweetheart: In case you missed the memo, anything you post to the internet immediately ceases to be "semi-private."

Marketing director, huh? Yeah, that figures...



"Way uncool," huh? How old is she?

I find myself using FB less and less. It's a mess. I only check it once in a while so I can get caught up on Golden Key codes from Gearbox to use in Borderlands 2. :D



Not important and completely unworthy of making it on virtually any site that isn't scraping the barrel for "news" stories. Not two sh!!s were given by most people this holiday season about someone related to someone famous complaining about an innocent photo mishap.



I disagree here; it IS important as a news story and an educational device, pointing out one of the flaws of using any internet social medium.

There actually could be a privacy feature built into Facebook to prevent others from posting your pictures (without at least jumping through special hoops). It could even be applied to the words you write which would require a person to at least re-type everything you said by hand.



Yet one more reason to avoid Facebook. I said goodbye to my 2,459 "friends" two years ago.



Good for you sir (or madam) and I hope everyone else follow suit within the next two or three years.

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