Mark Zuckerberg's Challenge: Only Eat Meat He Kills



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For those that believe we evolved from a lesser lifeform (dont like that term myself, all forms of life on earth are worthy)

I'd like to point out that it was these meat proteins which evolved our brains into what we have today.



Sounds like he was just testing out a new feature lol.


Dorito Bandit

Sadly, I bet he has/will catch hell over this. Nothing wrong with him harvesting those animals for food. I eat meat and love my vegetables, too! Eat what the hell you want, who gives a crap what others think.

Now, I'm not gonna eat chicken hearts or livers! And I be damn if I'm 'bout to eat some chicken feet! Hell no! Have you ever seen the floor of a chicken coop? Oh, I'm sure they wash the chicken's feet before they cook them, to clean all the crap and toe-jam off of them, but I do believe I'll pass! I won't eat sausages, bologna or hot dogs either! Never been a fan of that stuff. Who REALLY knows what that shizzit is, anyway.

Also, I can go without eating meat for weeks sometimes, by just eating beans. The down side is that diets high in fiber fill you full of gas! Speaking of which - anyone else ever be visiting over at someones house and go use their restroom just to fart? No? Me either! Just asking. Man, talk about being in a bad situation.

And yes, venison is very good meat. I love deer jerky, too. Deer steaks, jerky and hamburger is awesome! Cubed deer steaks with peppers and onions is very good!

Also, can’t believe there are not any posts selling shoes and other crap amongst these comments. Way to go MaximumPC! Your spam snipers are kicking ass!
















Cripes. Know how much meat is on a large farm pig? 'bout 150 lbs. Vacuum seal the sucker and you got meat for YEARS, not months. As far as fresh chickens are concerned, easily done locally. All the posters are right, no big deal in killing the animal, butchering it yourself is a whole nother ball game.


Holly Golightly

...And the man is a savage? GROSS!

"Hey everybody, I am a millionaire and I love eating meat!" Big freaking deal. In my opinion... If he wants to change his diet to an absolute healthy diet, he should become a vegan. Anything fried is unhealthy. Unless he eats all of his meat boiled? Which in that case, double eww.

The headline should be, "Man who creates world's worst website now does lower-class stuff: slaughter-house work!" HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I were a millionaire, never think of slashing an animal to get blood and guts all over me. Not all over my Prada bag, Bruno Magli Shoes, Dior sunglasses, my Chanel J12 Watch, John Galliano dress, with my mother of pearl necklace. A real millionaire should collect Ferraris instead of slaughtering poor, helpless, defenseless animals. That, or buy white tigers and have them roaming around your mansion.

There is not a day that I am not bombarded with some FaceBook information. Can someone please stop talking or showing anything FaceBook. Starting to feel cursed here!



Must be nice to be rich, but I don't really care!



What if he killed the pig with a goat? that'd be something to watch... or vice versa.



Wow, he killed some farm animals, now that's news!



Killing animals from farms? Hmmm. I was expecting that he was going to be hunting for his food. If he did that, he could see the work involved, especially if he has to track anything. Maybe he'll make that transition later. 



I hope I'm not seriously supposed to be immpressed that some ultra arrogant/ultra rich dilettante has a (not so) secret blood lust? Does it make him feel more like a "real" man? I'm not buying the food angle for a second.



He killed two pinned up animals and had someone butcher them so he could cook them on his $25,000 Viking stove top.  This guy is really in touch with nature. 

Go hunting

Kill a deer YOUR SELF with a bow

string it up

gut it

THEN take it to a butcher


You can get F$%King chicken liver at KFC!!  Big stinking deal.



wuss. ;) I butcher my own deer including making sausage and jerky.



Me Too! ;)

clean and process

cheaper that way.



...He would use a cross bow and defeat the purpose. 


BTW, hogs are going to be pinned. You want to catch them first and corn feed them for a little while and cut those nutz out, otherwise they will be gamey. 


Manlyness ++





Maybe he should consider suicide



He should spend a week with Ted Nugent. The only trouble is Nugent would not put up with his arrogance.  



I coulden't put up with Nugent's weirdness. 

That guy cracks me up though. 


“I don't partake in assembly-line convenience. I don't say that killing things is bad while I hire people to kill things for me.” -Ted

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