Mark Zuckerberg Introduces Facebook "Home" for Android Phones



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Are Zuckerberg and co. not aware that Windows Phone exists?



"Home is a completely new experience that lets you see the world through people, not apps,"

You've got to be kidding me. Stupidest-thing-ever-said.

Facebook? stahp. wut r u doing, Facebook? stahp. no... stahp.



Great! So now I can let my Android device be overtaken by ridiculous quotes, photos of memes, and nonstop someecards. Because that is the current state of Facebook feeds is it not? Stop sharing crap people, my lock and home screens are begging you.



I can sum up my feelings for this in one word. NO!



The evil facebook is spreading like a plague. Soon there will be nowhere to hide. Something must be done.



When you say "something must be done", perhaps you should just not install the app? No one is cramming FB down anyone's throat.



You are right however many younger users don't understand the pitfalls of this social service. I have relatives who have been abused by other users of this service, and have talked to many other users who suffered the same fate. By quitting the service is not enough because the damage has been done. And you know that once something is posted its impossible to remove.



Forgive my synicalistic view of human nature, but internet bullying is no different than anything that has been happening since the begining of time. Kids will be kids, and I think you would be hard pressed to find someonne who hasn't been made fun of hardcore at some point. It's gonna happen. The best that can be done is don't post stupid shit.

So far as personal experience, I'm 22 years old, so most of my time in highschool was spent before the whole Myspace/Facebook revolution, but yes, I was made fun of. I was the nerdy kid. That being said, I have "friended" a lot of those same people, and I would say that facebook has really reversed the roles, helping me moreso than hurting me. It's hilarious watching them complain about their four kids that they've somehow managed to pump out in the four years since we graduated and how they've dropped out of college because they can't support themselves. They all seem a little jealous now.

Facebook is what it is. It's an extention of people's normal networks. For good or worse, it's no different than an elivated continuation of what already exists.

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