Mark Your Calendar, Windows 8 Release Preview Arriving First Week of June



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I tried Win8 on a virtual drive. I just hated it. What a pain to have to adjust to an entirely new interface. But that wasn't the worst thing I encountered. I couldn't get the photos from other hard drives to show up in their photo application. Yes, after I loaded the drives into the virtual machine for purposes of being recognized, WIN 8 still couldn't find them. There wasn't even a help screen to assist. It appears that WIN 8 is another of the famous versions of windows, every other one, that will be found severely lacking by the public. Thinking about it, it reminds me of the odd numbered Star Trek movies. Eight may be even, but the OS sure is odd.



Unless major changes are made to this next RP Windows 8 will never be ready for prime time. I've been using the DP and CP versions but without tweaking them they are nearly useless on a PC.

As is I wouldn't use Windows 8 if they gave it away for free. That's how bad it is.



Gonna take a pass, I refuse to download and run a crippled OS, RC version or not. Not impressed with Metro, and there is no other feature that I have to have. Will also be recommending to everyone I know to skip Win8 RC, as well as the one you can buy, just not worth the headaches.



I was going to buy it for my laptop, but for some reason on both the Developer and Consumer preview, it thinks their is not battery in my laptop. Im sure its a driver issue, but if they dont fix it (I sent in two bug reports) then im better off with 7. I like everything but metro in 8 but if I cant see my battery, then whats my point. True I get about 8 hours on my Acer Timeline X but I dont want it turning off in the middle of class :/



I also think I'll pass on 8, it doesn't offer anything for me because I don't use tablets. I do like the version selection though, two versions instead of six.



Windows 8 is not ready for prime time. I had Win 8 beta running on a Core 2 Duo notebook, for the last several weeks, and now the OS boots, but cannot do anything. As in nothing opens, and not sure how to fix this without reloading the whole OS. Not to mention that for desktop use, they really have hobbled it without the start menu button. Windows 9 can't come soon enough...



Of course the beta u ran is not ready for prime time. BETA is for testing and development. I'm sure that it's something that has or will be fixed. I've been running Win8 on a machine that I use specifically for testing (Athlon x2, 4GB, 320GB HD, GeForce 220), and it runs very smooth. Don't get me wrong though. I have a love hate relationship with Windows 8. Some features I really like about it...but there's a lot that I hate about it. On tablets, it makes sense. But metro on desktops makes zero sense. Though, I do think its slick and I like the idea. Metro won't find it's place on desktops until touchscreen monitors become widely adopted. In that's not ready for prime time.

I def agree on the start menu thing. That takes some getting used too. I honestly don't see a technical purpose of removing it. If it takes some getting used to for techs...then I can only imagine what it will be like for the general user.



I think I'll wait until Windows 9 to come out before updating from Windows 7. That's what a year away?

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