Mark Your Calendar, Valve Sets Release Date for Portal 2



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Hmm... interestingly coincidental launch date. My birthday is the following day. I know what I'll be getting myself this year! :D



Finally!  I can't wait for this one to come out after having played through all of Portal 1, including the advanced levels (which were very time consuming, to say the least, and hard as heck!)!  I love Portal, it's totally replayable and when you really get into it, trying to get all of the achievements, etc., it gets to be really, really challenging and fun.



I don't understand the hype over Portal.

Portal was overrated IMO. It is one of those games that's fun while I was playing it, but after I finished I had absolutely no interest in it anymore.




I cannot wait for this game.  This is the only game in the past 5 years that has been able to hold my interest long enough for me to actually finish to the end.

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