March 2009's Patch Tuesday's a Light, But Important One for Windows Users



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seo (not verified)

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I Jedi

I couldn't help but notice that my computer slowed down considerably during startup the first few times after I updated the new patch. Anyone else have this problem besides me, or am I just the odd man out?



it killed my internet connection. i had reset my network connection and turn off my router and reset modem.

then when network discovery started. it worked, but it made 2 new local area connections. whats up with that???

 i had to delete my network connection and the one the update made. and restart everything allover.



It appears this patch Tuesday killed my Exchange server.  Got in this morning to a ntoskrnl.exe missing or corrupt error.  Yeah, happy day.  At least that's my only server M$ took out this morning.



It's killed my X-Fi card. Can't get a peep out of it.



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The fix was reinstalling the X-Fi drivers, even if they are the same version. I went as far as to reinstall all the Creative programs I had previously installed. Let me know if it works for you. Creative Support HTML: 

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