Managed Copy Enabled Blu-Rays Coming Soon



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Any DRM that calls home to see whether or not it should work is doomed to fail.  Look at the various DRM'ed music services that have failed and basically said "Sucks to be you, you can't access your music anymore".



Why not lower the price of the media, sell volumes more and nobody feels guilty.  the industry made the piracy issue when the prices for media went up and DRM issues became more of a hassle for the nice guy.

 I am certainly not wanting to buy new hardware to play blu ray that barely won a format war.  Any thing sony the consumer is likely to get screwed.


Generic Space Marine

I have to agree with that. There's no true benefit to these 'managed copies.'


Every day

Is Houserday. Celebrate, or I kills you.



I don't know about you, but adding a pinch of Slysoft's AnyDVD HD and some open-source ripping tools seems much more appealing than this limited-copy DRM bullshit.



I'm with you. I haven't bought, nor do I expect to any time soon, anything related to Blu-Ray.  Its just too encumbered and obnoxious with the HDMI protected path garbage.  I would rather not be a part of it, DVD is just fine for me even though I have SEEN blueray and know how awesome it looks.  No amount of awesomeness is worth the crap they put into it.



I agree with you 100%.




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