Mamiya Announces $20,000 DM40 Medium Format Camera



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Quakindudemod and yorchata are exactly right it "all" has to do with sensor sizes... but hey Keith is also correct when he states 40mp doesn't mean it takes nice pictures... but this isn't your standard camera, this isn't even 'just' a dslr... it's a medium format dslr, this is not meant to be compared to companies such as Olympus, Sony, or heck even Canon or Nikon. A medium format camera (as mentioned) is meant for things such as billboards and landscape shots for making ridiculously large prints, you can pick on a lot of things such as 1. "terrible frame rate" ... 60 frames a minute... that's 1 fps... most newer cameras nowadays at least shoot 3 times that amount, Nikon's D700 will shoot 8fps with the additional battery back... but that's not what this camera is for. My camera has ISO sensitivity of 100-6400, Nikon's D3s has ISO sensitivity from 100 to 102,400 and it's a quarter of his price, these sensitivities make the mamiyas 80-800 laughable, but that's not what this camera is competing with.Medium format cameras have their own "class" Mamiya's latest release will be competing with companies such as hasselblad and Phase One, 20 thousand for a camera of this level is a pretty good price!The quality of the images taken by cameras like this are amazing, you would "almost" think it's worth the price tag, my uncle has himself a nice hasselblad and the prints he makes are ridiculous, although these cameras are directed towards professional he use he is more of an intense hobbyist and always spends his money in order to get the "best"



This system is a bargain to Hasselblad systems of the same spec's. It's got a solid upgrade path and Phase One is committed to supporting it.

Wifi is worthless for med format. A USB cord is more reliable and already proven. It is systems like this that are going to answer the question of what are tablet computers good for? Tethering this to an iPad or other pad is going to work great for shooting outside the studio.

Odds are I'm going to arrange a test of this in the spring. 


Keith E. Whisman

$20 thousand dollars and no USB3? No wireless wifi so you can wirelessly connect to your computer? 

And just because it's 40MP doesn't mean it takes great pictures. I've got a 10.2MP camera that is a piece of trash. High resolution blurry off color images. But hey it's 10.2 MP and for some reason that was all that was required to make it worth $200bucks.

So I don't recommend anyone buy this until they are able to inspect images take from this camera. 



Well of course you don't plunk down that much cash before you do a bit of research.

But to cite your $200 digital camera as evidence that a high pixel count produces crappy images is a bit of a poor choice...  This is a medium format camera, which means that the sensor size has significantly more area than a compact camera.

So, while the MP count might be significantly higher than your camera, it's likely much less densely packed.  The more you pack in, the more noise you tend to incur.  I have a 10.2MP camera which takes fantastic pictures, but it's a DSLR and cost me ~$580 at the time.  The sensor size is also significantly larger than your camera.

This is a professional grade camera (you'd shoot billboard images with this thing, not photo-album prints), wi-fi is a bit gimmicky.



Yes, wifi for this type of camera is not only gimmicky for a camera meant for professionals, but indicative of a lack of understanding of the size files these camera's can produce. Think in the range of 130-140 megabytes per picture! Do you really think a wifi enabled camera is going to have fantastic range?

I'm no camera expert and I would rather send my kid to college or drive $20k than spend it on a camera. But this camera isn't for the everyday shutter bug. It's for people who make a living taking pictures. If you said WTF when you read the cost like I did, then this isn't targeted for you.

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Keith E. Whisman

Yeah your right. I didn't even think of the fact pros like to leave their images in RAW mode with absolutely no compression. 

Man I sure would love to have this camera. It sure does fit the bill when it comes to Maximum anything here at MaximumPC. 

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