Malwarebytes Notches 100 Million Downloads, Toots Its Own Horn



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Malwarebytes, SAS, and SpyBot are my "Trinity" I use after running RKill and Combofix in safe mode when I'm cleaning up a machine.  Aside from manual removal, that is.

I use MSE for proactive protection, and will typically do an MBAM scan once a month to keep tabs on my system.  I use XP and Ubuntu virtual machines for my, erm, "naughty" browsing.



You said you use Combofix. In this case, I have a question for you: how often have you used it? Also, has it actually nerfed any systems you have used it on?



I've had good experiences with Malwarebytes. I use Avast as my primary AV. I run Malwarebytes occasionally to catch what Avast may not see on its first pass. I never get malware, but it's good to take precautions. It's also good for when someone comes to me with an infected comptuer--Malwarebytes always gets the job done.

Ubuntu--no worries of malware at all =P



I used to use Avast and now I use Microsoft Security Essentials. I use Malwarebytes mainly to clean up infected systems. I've also recommended it to many forum members to clean up their infected computers.



I'm utilizing Avast! Free Antivirus and Comodo Firewall Free.

I've been using Avast for years now. It has been utterly amazing at stopping internet threats before it gets a chance to imbed into my PC. Comodo is like a secondary UAC. It protects all system programs and the registry. It also has a cloud based program scanner. The combination of the two has served me for years without fail.



Couple years back, was using Windows Onecare, apparently it just wasn't that great. I also got a particular virus that would pop up crap ads and the like. Then I get Malwarebytes, and not only does it get the virus I'm after, but it got 83 other viruses that Onecare wasn't picking up.

To me, the Anti-virus software I use is the frontline, and Malwarebytes is the heavy artillery... probably worded that wrong but who cares Malwarebytes rocks. I don't believe I've ever heard a complaint about it.



I've been working as a PC Support Technician for the past 4 years and Malwarebyte's has been my go-to post-infection resource for practically all of those years.  It's cleaned up PC's for which hope was all but lost.  I make it a point to put it on all of my toolbox flash drives in case of emergency and it's one of the first programs I install on a freshly loaded PC.

I also use Microsoft Security Essentials for every-day protection.  I've lately been impressed by it's low-resource real-time protection that gets the job done without unnecessary pop-ups.

Kaspersky's TDSSKiller is also a key player that resides on my toolbox drive.  It gets rid of those infections that fool Malwarebyte's and MSSE.

What's great about all of them is they're FREE!!!




I currently use:

Avast! - main Defense
Malwarebytes - Supplementary defense
Superantispyware - Main Anti-Spyware Defense
Spybot Search & Destroy - Supplementary Defense.

Haven't had viruses issues in a long time. Malwarebytes is good at what it does, so I usually suggest that to users who have been infected and still are able to get into safe mode to run Malwarebytes.



This, but Avira instead of Avast.


MdX MaxX

I've been using Malwarebytes for over a year and it hasn't failed me yet.  I use it along with Microsoft Security Essentials for a low-cost, effective way to fight threats.  Screw paying $60 to use Norton or ESET software for 3 years, spending $20 to use Malwarebytes for a lifetime is a much better investment.

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