Malware Strikes Windows Mobile Apps



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Props to the artist - I love the articles picture!

Honestly, I'm not sure how Windows Mobile works but could there be two modes for it: One that operates in total lockdown mode like an iPhone and then an open mode (as it is currently)?



I know how OTA installations are becomming the norm and extremely handy at times, but IMHO, OTA's should only be through the carrier and/or handset makers for udates to thier software or OS. Any and all other installations of 3rd party software should run through your PC (with AV installed) just for purposes like this. I know having to tether your phone to your PC can be a PITA, but it would solve this problem and that would be a pain I can swallow for my safety.



How effective are anti-virus packages for mobile platforms?  Would they have detected this malware and prevented the auto-dialer from working?  Can we expect an article testing and evaluating these mobile anti-virus programs anytime soon here on

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