Malware Scammers Scare Europeans Into Paying Fake Copyright Infringement Fines



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So what does it say about the world that the Governments of the world have set up the mob to make their business easier?



This is no different than the Horse & Buggy industry getting (ridiculous) laws passed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries that impeded the flow of automobile traffic.

WAKE UP VOLTAGE PICTURES (and the like)'re the new Horse & Buggy industry....guess who won that fight?

The worst part, to me, are the people who pay these bastards. Have some scruples, people. If we all told Voltage Pictures et al to go fuck themselves, they'd stop doing this.



You know, I paid to see the Hurt Locker and I think they stole money from me! Seriously, the movie wasn't all that great. Stop suing people because your movie isn't as good as The Avengers. :P



Companies who take legal actions against downloaders come from the same ugly nest as authors of malwares like these. Its amazing how many people are getting sued over a crap movie like hurt locker.



They just hate people who want to see it for free just because it was crappy.

From a computer tech standpoint: that is quite ingenious how they (malware writers) are going after people for their money. I can see a few people getting caught by this and freaking out.

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