Malware Operators Pay Big Bucks For Access To US And British PCs



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Yeah, my parents had a lot of hell with those, living with them also can make life like hell for a while since I am tech support. My dad got the random fake AVG virus, which screwed up his laptop (now thinking about giving it to me) then my mom blatently went to the scan my pc (those kind of scare me a bit) and had to save her laptop. People need to be educated about this, one person could lose all of their data let it be school, work, or other things. I think they should start teaching this kind of stuff at schools along with life skills class (if they do that) so that people don't fall for this kind of stuff and become less dependant on tech support.



livebriand, Maybe YOU might not fall for it but your parents or one of your non-computer savy user friends might fall for it.  


This happened to my dad and he almost put his credit card info in the fields when my mom told him NO!



Nice try, but do they really think that a av scanner that looks like xp's 'My Computer' window in my internet browser is something I'll believe? Not a chance.

If Microsoft included MSE with windows, it would really help with infections. Oh wait, the EU will probably go and kick their ass for that even though it's for the better of the user...


Holly Golightly

How unfortunate. Luckily I run a legit antivirus software in my PC that is updated everyday. I never fell for that browser "antivirus" that happens at random. I actually read some of the files it scanned, and nope, it they were not scanning my hard drive, but showing a demo of someone else's hard drive... Who happens to be a porn addict. Nice try those cyber thugs thought I was a pervert. Anyhow, one day the government will be able to move swiftly, shutting down those viruses.

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