Malware Infection at Heartland Payment Systems Imperils 250k Cardholders' Data



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Is this bad luck or what? After reading this story the concept of business security makes a lot of sense to me. Someone should be held responsible for this, losing so much money through a malware infection is not my idea of safety...



I run a small blog about accepting payments online. Many people ask why they are always advised to pay more for payment processing even if they are just a startup. They also get offended and think you are trying to sell them something when you explain that it's mainly for safety reasons rather than "You'll get all these really cool features". I keep telling all my readers that using a cheap credit card processing company means investing less in security and increasing you chances of total failure when something like this happens. No one cares why PayPal blocks merchant's accounts so often, but conplaining about blocked accounts it at its highest point. I think that this is just a phase in every company's development. They all go for the ceap stuff, get burnt bad, buy the expensive product. If that's the way it has to be, then that's the way it is.



I worked there for a year and a half.  I and others warned them about this problem a long time ago but they just chose to ignore every single bit of advice we gave them.  They're (obviously) still being completely stupid about this.  The problem is that Bob Carr (CEO) is an absentee landlord... in NJ. All the software for Heartland is written in Frisco/Plano, Texas.  Bob rarely comes down to Texas and is ill-informed about everything related to it.  Ah, I could go on forever...



I guess they are going to have to change their slogan! 



It's a problem as old as Latin:

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

When will companies that handle data get better about avoiding breaches? It's past time for the "good guys" to figure out how to stop the bad guys proactively instead of playing defense.


It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.

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