Malware and Other Geek Terms Infect Merriam-Webster Dictionary. "Fanboy" to Annoy New Neighbors Fanbelt and Fancied



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That’s the evolution of the English language, these slight changes explain everything. We can’t expect the language to stay the same for hundreds of years. I believe the Internet has fastened this process. Now nations you hardly heard of put efforts to implement English learning programs, it’s also very easy to find an esl tutor online, it’s all just a matter of choice.



compunicate - IMing, texting, or emailing someone instead of speaking verbally, usually done when the person is within "vocal" distance to you.

EX. I compunicate with my teen daughter all the time; her music is always too loud but she always has her cellphone on.

stay-cation - a vacation from work when you don't go anywhere, you stay at home.

EX. I have a stay-cation coming up in September; I plan on catching up on episodes of "OZ".



Webinar is a terrible word, and I hate everything about it.


Talcum X

 Sounds clost to Ramnar.

"Take me now, Ramnar. Take me now!"


Cookie to the person who can name that movie.


Every morning is the dawn of a new error.

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