Making the Case for an Upgradeable Smartphone



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Aside from the technical challenge and durability issue mentioned here by other commentors, the biggest stumbling block will be the business aspect.


There's a reason why laptops are never really upgradable. Aside from ram, which is not that easy to mix and match, and the harddisk. Business is much bigger if things can be thrown away, and then comsumer will have to buy a whole laptop. Not good for the environment, but really gets the big money flowing.


Comparing to laptops, smartphones, and even regular feature phones, already to storage upgrades. Via memory cards. The only thing missing is memory upgrade. Which is not that practical, and will probably bring not much benefit for most phones.


So it's dead on the tracks right there. Unless they get the laptops moving in the upgradability department (and successfully), i don't see it ever coming to phones. 



 Heck, I'd be happy with a simple phone that got good reception all the time... that wasn't attached to verizon that is.


"There's no time like the future."



Notebooks have bee around for quite a while and you still generally don't do more upgrading to them than memory and HD space.  They are packing what they can into a device that size, so as the technology gets better the components are going to change in size and shape.  Plus, you probably want a lot of those components soldered on for vibration and heat sinking.  Cost is another world altogether.  It just doesn't make any sense to upgrade these devices.  They have a finite lifetime because of general improvements in power consumption and size, but really, no one knows what's coming next,  some new antenna, sensors, screen technology, battery system, kinetic charging, some widget that everyone has to have and it just isn't a phone without it!!!

I can't see it ever balancing out. 




I was looking for a phone like this. i was asking myself one day as i was searching the net for upgradeable touch pro2 parts was "why cant i upgrade my phone parts to my liking?"


but the first thing that pops up in my head as i was reading this article is what if you like all touch phone? Hardware keyboard/touch screen? Hardware keyboard no touch screen? only time will time how far this will go.

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