Majority of Photos Flagged on Facebook are Not Offensive, Just Unflattering



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It doesn't stop people from considering the picture of them approved out on the floor!

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Holly Golightly

I deleted my FaceBook page, and my life as improved. I recommend everybody to delete their FaceBook account. It actually feels good. Knowing nobody can stalk you anymore. Now I can go out and talk to real people... If I could actually find real people to talk to. Now-a-days, everyone has an iPhone and is posting a status update every second on this dumb social network. Enter the real world people... There is more to life than Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs.



Since Facebook is populated primarily by women, college kids, and teenagers, this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.



how bout people just get a life and go out and actually socialize with people ? i guess im just old fashioned or not hip enough to understand people these days



I'm with you on that one. Don't use Facebook or Twitter. At work in the break room all the younger employees spend their entire breaks glued to their phone. It's like a morgue in there sometimes. The art of conversation is being lost and replaced with speed thumb typing.



" After noticing the trend of unflattering photos in teh filter, Facebook engineers added an option in Spetember"


Should use a spell checker there friend.


My assumption is that most people fail to educate themselves about Facebook's options, and therefore don't know about the ability to disable tagging of themselves. But even with this option, it doesn't prevent people from seeing the picture of them passed out on the floor!

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