Majority of Compulsive Gamers Not Addicted to Games: Game De-Addiction Expert



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I have been addicted to a online RPG for two years and it almost made me drop out of school and i managed to quit with some Addiction Treatment i found online



This is what I keep telling to my colleagues. I'm not addicted to video games it just happens that gaming is a much more convenient stress reliever to me.



I've been saying this ever since I started video gaming. ( well over 15 years ago ( I'm 24 ) )

refreshing to see a counter-argument to the "Video games cause xxxx social problems." By that logic, I can say spoons caused rosie o'donnel to be a fat ass. I can say McDonalds causes fat bodies. Guns kill people ( i'm an avid gun supporter, don't take that the wrong way ) , sex causes babies, babies cause stress, stress causes death so therefor sex causes death. See where I'm going with that?

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