Majority of Amazon Sales Now Come from Non-media Items



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Theatre Booth Guy

if the price is right.  Amazon is usually the first place I check when shopping and typically has great variety and excellent prices.  Quite often, the Egg has better prices on PC stuff!!



I still buy mostly books from Amazon. Occasionally, I will buy a computer component from them. Though, the way they package their stuff means I will never buy a HDD from them. It is suctioned to the bottom (like a book), which means every bump is felt by the HDD.



I've bought lots of electronics from Amazon, and I've been satisfied with every purchase. Not as fast as, but they have a wider selection of stuff. I try to get the stuff that is "supplied by Amazon."



I tend to not get my electronics from Amazon because their search frankly sucks. Whatever you're searching for, there's going to be completely random stuff thrown into the results, too. I like Newegg's search, with the long list of customizable dropdowns for every aspect of what you're looking for. Sure, I have to pay tax and sometimes shipping, but at least I can find what I want.


Mighty BOB!

Books, music, and games mostly.



Binkie van Es , netherlands antilles

i had some remarks to share , but cannot get them past the spamfilter either, If maximum pc invites comments about commercial operations they should ease up on the filtering, or don't invite readers to comment



Am I allowed to say the word "buy" without getting hit by the spam filter? I've tried five times to post a comment now and got hit with the filter every time. Edit: I can't decode what the filter is looking for. I can't even edit this post to finish my thought.

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