Major Xbox 360 Update is TV Evolved with Voice Control



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At the prices they charge for tv shows and movies on top of the Xbox live membership, it's still just going to be a gaming machine that my kids use. Good luck with your pie in the sky dreams Microsoft.



Maybe once the update drops, XBLIG devs will start seeing sales data again. And maybe, just maybe, the publishing issues will go away. Yeah, it's a mess over there...




Why is everybody on this website so cynical? You all complain just to complain. This is a tech website, can we not just discuss the technology at hand instead of complaining about every single product announcement or technology advancement? I think Microsoft is quite aware that not everybody is going to use these new features, but a lot of people will love them. Why would anybody complain about new features for a 6 year old product? It's not like the update removes the ability for the Xbox to play games! If you're not interested in the new features, that's great, keep on using it the way you're happy with and shut the fuc* up and let people who are interested in the new features talk!

I really like MaxPC's content, but I enjoy commenting and discussing articles. And I really can't stand all the useless bitching that goes on here.




Is it going to play .mkv and other media formats or is it still going to be restricted?  It's not a full on media entertainment device w/o the ability to play those additional media formats...



Agreed. They absolutely HAVE to add .mkv support in order for it to compete with other devices. I really don't understand why they didn't a long time ago. It's not like it costs any money for .mkv licenses or anything.



I put the disk in, start the game, and turn it off when done. Although I've glanced through the various functions, I've never once used them. As long as it plays games, all the other stuff is fluff.



Oh, I can't wait to see my internet bill after AT&T applies per-use rates. I might actually have to choose between internet and RENT!



Is the windows media center UI still slow as shit on the Xbox? Why not fix what's broken before adding new apps ;)


Red Ensign

Another in a long list of reasons my 360 is nothing more now than a Skyrim access device (should have gone PC version). When I'm done with that it will make a nice dust magnet. I'd rather have multiple dedicated superior devices than one device that does everything half-assed. Slow day at work so I guess I'll head over to a 360 forum and enjoy the whine.



Love how if you bought a 360 in 2006 or whatever you were buying a gaming machine, and in the intervening years Microsoft has been saying "Don't worry everyone, we're here to show you how you're really going to use it. TV! STREAMING MOVIES. APPS!"

Glad I never wasted the money.

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