Maingear's Solo 21 All-in-One PC Receives a Facelift and New Hardware



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Keith E. Whisman

I see the utility for my kids. My oldest boy is Autistic and would really get a kick out of painting with his fingers on a large computer screen, 21" is larger than 10" and my kids can do more than just paint on it. I really hope there is a Windows 8 Pro version of this available as an option. AiO's are what will make Windows 8 a winner.



An AiO used to be a nice alternative for space saving where certain laptops weren't affordable. Touchscreen AiO made that even better. NOW though... I'd opt for a Kindle Fire or Galaxy Tab and call it a day over a grand for this AiO.
Sure, you 'could' use it in the kitchen. Not many people I know have the pure extra counterspace they'd be willing to sacrifice JUST for this. A tablet is a more portable version that would be more beneficial. If you just wanted streaming media, get a modern LCD of your chosen size and stream whatever you want to it from cable, air, or wifi using a NAS or primary PC. Undermount a 19" under your cabinets on a swivel mount... done. Tablet... walk around with pure freedom of movement and all the same functionality... done better.
Sure this is nice... but I really see no reason to get one for the cost.
Even in my office, we probably only spend ~$500 per PC with monitors. Double the cost for a single monitor setup... still no use.
Anyone have any uses that would benefit from this as a best choice?



Someone who needs a basic PC and wants to save space?



In that case, $900 is a big charge for that convenience. Why not get a tablet, netbook, notebook, etc for a fraction of the cost?

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