Maingear's 17-inch Nomad 17 Gaming Notebook Comes with Free Custom Paint Job



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I will commend maingear for trying to give us more options. If you go to their site you will see you can order most of their computers in different colors which will appeal to some. Also they are the only ones right now offering an all in one computer with a gtx 680 desktop card which is unique, no one else does!!!!!!!!!!!!
I personally would like to see Sager/Clevo come out with different colors as well, make a black, red, blue or green option with a soft grippy rubbery exterior like bitfenix desktops and I am down. Will switch over from my Alienware laptops for a 15 inch now ( well next year when haswell and even better graphics options are here!



I'd rather have a Sager NP9150. Better specs, only 15", and it doesn't look so ridiculous. There's no reason one couldn't use the sager for class or a business meeting, while this is way, WAY too flashy and obnoxious.



DDR3 is barely becoming the standard and they got DDR5 in this beast... unless that's a typo...



I sure hope it's a typo and not the author thinking we have DDR5 yet.

From the Maingear site:
Memory: 8GB Corsair DDR3-1333 SODIMMs (2x4GB)

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