Maingear Trumpets "EPIC" Cooling System



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I'm usually not into the latest fads in the computer world, but I like the direction the self contained water cooling systems are going. Water cooling used to be a total pain and frankly for someone who doesn't overclock like crazy, it wasn't usually worth the time or money. Nowadays it's pretty effortless and doesn't cost a lot of money.


Since components are only getting hotter and hotter, I'm sure where going to see more of these things in the future.



I also have the HAF X, with 4 of those 180MM fans. 1 front, 1 side, 2 on top. Can I get 4 of those  radiators ? :) I wish...



You can't buy this off the shelf or order it by itself. You have to buy a Maingear system to have this option.



If it works better then the h70 I might get it, but I mean who has a case that will fit this? Would it fit the in the HAF X? I'll have to wait for the youtube vids...and if there are already youtube vids....why not link them?



The H70 does a pretty damn good job. I have one and love it!

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