Maingear Rolls Out Two 'Epic' Gaming PC Lines



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I agree about complex liquid cooling systems. I just dont see the need to spend hundreds of extra dollars on hardware that i can put together myself. But i will not rule out any boutique builders except the horrible Digital Storm and infamous alienware.



There are four factors I look at when thinking about buying an OEM system:

1) Is it something that I can do myself?
2) Do they offer the parts that I want, or at least similar parts?
3) Will I be using any existing parts, and if so, can I take them off the build list from the OEM?
4) Is the price for assembly, warranty, and delivery within the acceptable range Vs doing it myself?

For most desktop/home server systems, I will continue to do it myself.

When mixing in complex liquid cooling systems, or case customizations, it becomes more of a benefit to order a custom system.

Unfortunately this is almost a non-starter when it comes to laptops.


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