Maingear Picks Up Where Alienware Left Off, Readies 11.6-inch "Pulse" Gaming Notebook



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The Corrupted One

I want one.

I was looking at the M11x, but this looks so much better.




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Peanut Fox

I've been looking at going the small and powerful route. I'd like the larger size of a 17" note book, but the fact that most screens are only 720p kills the pixel density on a 17" model, and the images always look terrible as a result. The extra weight of larger models is unappealing as well. For what I'd loose in screen size I'd gain in portability with no loss in performance.

In the end if the keyboard is good, it has a middling GPU and great battery life I'd be happy.

EDIT: Looking at Maingear's website I see a lot of 1080p notebooks in the 15" - 17" range. The price is a bit steep in the 17" area, but a 15" might be the sweet spot for me.



I'm seriously impressed. I'd rather have the Maingear than another Alienware anyway.

You guys should get your hands on one and review it...that would be sweet.



I'm not paying over $1k for a 11" notebook. I don't care what specs it has.



you are obviously not the target market for this notebook. Congrats



Well congratulations if you are not going to buy it or not. It may fit some peoples need. Not everyone is you.



I love my m11x, it was perfect for fitting in my bookbag along with my texts, allowing for a few hours fragging here and there on campus when I should have been studying instead.

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