Maingear Makes First GeForce-Upgradeable Ion PC



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.... I want my house lights to dim when i run Crysis on Very High.



Wait how is this Ion? Ion implies it uses an Atom or Via Nano and a Geforce9300/9400M chipset. This uses a Core 2 Duo/Quad and a 9300M chipset, which is just that, not an Ion. The 9300M/9400 for use with Core 2s has been around for quite a while.

E.g. Apple sells computers with 9400M chipsets and Core 2s but no one considers it an Ion.


Also I would agree this is greenwashing. Seriously, for whatever extra you're paying for something like this over a standard gaming PC you might as well donate the money to some tree-planting organization or something that'll do much more of an effect.



AllĀ I really care about is this: What are its numbers?



Everytime I see "green" in PC advertising, I shrug my shoulders and move on. I have no idea what it means for a PC to be green. Is just some trend going along with the whole "global warming" deal, or does this pc somehow grow plant life.

I'm guessing it uses less power consumption or something along those lines, but I really could care less about if a PC is "green" or not. I think a better way to put it would be something like "uses 65% less power", or translate that into power costs savings.

Just because leo Decaprio would wet his pants at the word "green" doesn't mean a tech nerd like me who would be buying these products will.



all energy efficient componants are, is more expensive, underclocked componants



the word "Green" is just another word for "Slow"


green cars are slow, green computers are slower. green also saves you money.

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