Maingear Launches 'Quickship' Vybe 15 Gaming Laptop



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Joe The Plummer

Well these are underwhelming for the price.

This ASUS G75VW is $1,399 and beats their "best". While it doesn't come with the added SSD you can get a 128GB SSD for $100 and you're getting a GTX670M and 16GB of RAM and still saving a $100 to boot! And for gaming laptops, it's the GPU that's more important than the CPU. Their CPU is only about 8% better than the ASUS, but the ASUS GPU is around 15% better than the Maingear. Oh and the ASUS has a 17.3" screen.


zaphodbeeblebrox 42

ya but the prob with asus, at least the last time i checked, was there stupid ammount of propitiatory crap.


Joe The Plummer

They do have a bunch of proprietary software on it, but it doesn't impede performance and you can easily remove them. Thankfuylly there was only two pieces of crapware on this laptop. CrapAfee anti-virus and Adobe Bleader. That was it.

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