Maingear Alpha 24: Fully Loaded All-in-One Desktop for Gamers



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"Glossy touchscreen" for when you really want to look at fingerprints...

marketing, marketing, marketing, battery life...

Battery Life? Those things showed such a reasonable depth (a few inches, at least) I assumed they were desktop based. Throw a battery in there and the price becomes less hilarious and more sad. I suppose anyone living on the road could be pretty happy with this thing, but that seems to be a small advantage.

AIO make sense for when my father would take his entire system down to Florida and be completely incapable of plugging labeled cables into their sockets. I have no idea who an AIO gaming rig is for.



How cramped for space do you have to be in order to pay the premium for this thing instead of building a normal system? I mean, do you live in the back left corner of a con-ex box? I lived in some pretty darn small studios and one-beds back when I was single, and I never once thought, "Wow, that computer is taking up SOOOO much space!" Hell, I had a IBM PS/2 system in my bachelor quarters when I was in the Marine Corps -- and that was very small indeed.

Proprietary boxes and AIO systems are fine for bubble-headed college girls who get flustered trying to configure an email client. Do not, however, try to sell me on this "gaming solution" nonsense, because I know better.



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Philippe Lemay

I hope the hardware in these things are easily interchangeable.

I would have to say that half the fun of getting a nice beefy gaming computer is building it yourself. Once you learn enough to know what you're doing, it feels like your working on a nice sports car in your garage.

But if all the pieces are squeezed into a tiny slate that you can barely crack open... it sacrifices a lot just to be able to make it flush with the wall.



That's one attractively specced AIO with that base price! But... I still kind of expect them to put an IPS screen on there for that price.



it puts the fan noise that much closer to your ears



Wow impressive, I would be interested in something like this. I am running a 30 inch dell ultra sharp though. I would like to see at least a 27 inch model and I am sure Maingear or someone else within a year will offer just that. 24 inches though will satisfy allot of users and you can just buy another 24 inch screen to run next to it or two small ones on either side. All in ones are great for less clutter, wires and if you are like allot of people buy one for 3 years and just grab another one in 3 years like you would with a laptop.



The vendor's limited its configurator's RAM options to only allow for DDR3-1333.... ugly.



I guess this would be inexcusable considering DDR3-1600 is only like a few dollars extra. But there's no point in going beyond that.



At first I was wondering how it could manage to fit a GTX 680, then I found this

Now I'm wondering how it manages to stay cool.

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