Maingear Adds Core i7 2700K to Select Systems, Revs It Past 5GHz



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$1,339 for a 2700k and a gt 440. 





I really don't like a lot of the desktop cases out there on the market and I don't even bother commenting on them, but this Maingear case looks sweet.  Plus the color combo of red and black go quite well with it.  Thanks, Maingear for making such a nice case!


Holly Golightly

I love the Maingear Shift case. It is beautiful and worthy of paying a Level 10 price, but I am not willing to pay for the parts and service they offer. I like building my own rigs. Building computers is the best part about having one. Why would I pay a premium for someone else to have all the fun? 



Brad, because our hand-tuned overclocking goes through extra cycles of burn-in.  It relates to labor cost.


Brad Nimbus

I just don't get it. So I would have one of the easiest and stable overclockers out there and I pay $50 to get them to do it for me? Even if you had no idea how to overclock a quick google search would give you all you need.



I had to do a double take because I thought there was a similar article yesterday but that was Origin PC. Maybe you guys should wait a while before putting up articles like this and just condense them; 'many makers get new processor and spank it'. :p

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