MagicJack Makers Develop Free Phone Call Software



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Tara Heuling

magic Jack also just recently announced that they are coming out with a new magic jack that works without involving a computer at all. This one should be better than the current magic Jack. I'm quite excited about this magic Jack.

magicTalk hasn't seemed to be all that popular yet but I am willing to be it will take off once they come out with their magicTalk app for smart phones. This should make magicJack popularity off the charts.



I've paid $59 for a 5 yr license, so far no problems, I'll be looking at the TK6000 which plugs into your cable modem's rear USB port rather than the computer itself , for a one time fee of $99, and its supposed to be for life ....



"this time with a piece of software that promises the ability to place free phone calls from computers, mobile phones, and tablets like Apple's iPad"

Free is such a misused word. The call itself may be free, but you're still paying for Data. Whether it's mobile internet on your giant iPod, Android handset, Crackberry or other mobile. Or from your PC at home, where you have to pay for an internet connection.

Nothing's ever free...



Yeah, but if you already pay for internet at home, and have an unlimited plan (as most are nowadays), then you ARE getting a free phone. Especially if you ditch a combo plan from a television company that lumps your TV, Internet, and Phone into the same package (like I currently have, and has become very popular recently). Take out the phone portion, and that's a pretty nice chunk of each monthly bill that you no longer need to worry about.



That's still not a free phone call. You're still paying for your internet connection (yes, I know I'm getting picky now).

When you dial the operator (0), that's free, when you dial 9-1-1, that's free, when you call a 1-800 or 1-888 number, that's free (all for the end user). But when you use your own internet connection, you're still paying for a phone service. But instead of POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) or a dedicated VoIP line, it's being routed through your computer's internet access (VoIP), or over your smartphone's mobile internet (very expensive internet), you're still paying for it.

There's going to be a fee somwehere, and in the end, you're still paying for telephone. Maybe not as much as before, and it's got a helluva lot more limitations that dedicated VoIP or POTS, but you're still paying for it!



Ill have to agree with you for hte most part but like the other guy said you normally have an internet connection now adays.   Its almost arguing the fact that you MAY not have a copper line running to your house lol.    But in reallity I do have a magic jack in Canada for the past 6 months.  It cost me 50$ to total for a year service.  I can call anyone anywhere in NORTH AMERICA for as long as I want......  to renew Ill be paying 30$ yearly. 

Downside of this product.....  The software takes over when someone calls or trys to call out.... e.g. your in mid game of CS about to headshot someone, someone calls CS minimizes -.-.   Epic fail lol.    Thats 1 Issue the 2nd is the longer its on the longer the response time, sometimes not even working until you restart the program. and the last I believe theres a mem leak in the software...  The first time you load it uses around 300 megs of ram by the end of the week it could be around 900 megs to 1 gig  and by that time the software has died.


For 30 a year this product is good.  I use it mainly for outgoing calls and thats it... but thats me.  Its been tested on a Win 7 64 bit system and Vista... which i have no idea his specs.



Those are some big issues for it to be used 100% of the time (IMO). Especially the mem. leak bit. Remember when FireFox had a huge memory leak, and you'd be well over 1GB of RAM used after a day of the app constantly running (FF has gotten better, but it still has a few issues).

How is the clearity? I have VoIP through Shaw (They call it Digital Phone, and will argue until they are blue in the face that it's not the same as VoIP) and I find that the signal is crystal clear. Plus I can max out my pipe (25Mb down) and the phone is still clear, where as when I use skype and have the same usage, the quality is like being back on a 28.8 modem.

The biggest issue that I see with MagicJack and other VoIP services like this one, is emergency calls. Currently with a standalone VoIP connection or POTS, your address is associated with your phone, and can't move unless the carrier moves it (I can't take my VoIP modem to a friend's place and use my phone), so if you were to call 9-1-1, and the call disconnected or something requiring emergency services be called out and you unable to give your address, the 9-1-1 operator can easily pull up your information (it'll be even better once GPS coordinates are tied in), where as with mobile phones (unless the 9-1-1 operator is using a GPS based system and your phone's GPS is enabled) or a VoIP service like MagicJack is used, unless you tell the operator exactly where you are, you're hosed.

I haven't looked, but is there a warning about emergency calls on the packaging (or website)?



Can we think of it as consolidated savings then? :)

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