Magic Mouse Drivers For Windows Emerge



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I really like the sleek design of this mouse, such design can also be seen on other products of apple. But to spend $70 for it? forget it...I would rather buy your average mouse than to spend 70 bucks with this. I mean, you can already buy 5 mouse with that money. Besides, I'm also expecting some issue when it comes to finding mouse drivers for this.



Has anyone actually used this mouse? It looks more complicated then the electronic cigarette... lol



...does anyone know if there is a linux driver out there for this yet?  I'm guessing no, but was just curious.



I wouldn't spend 70$ on that to go through with the headache of hacking their drivers when I can go pick up a mouse for anywhere from 10 to 70$ for a pc and just plug it in and off it goes.



Apple's pricing comes down solely to demand.  If they can charge an exorbitant amount for a product and still have people buy, they will.

Wouldn't you?



I might get this just to show off to my friends who have Mac's...



It amazes me sometimes how much hatred there can be for one company - I don't like any company in particular, but you won't hear me screaming "Die Microsuck scumbag!" anytime soon.

I agree that Apple probably has some of the worst pricing in any computer lineup (sorry, but other than the iPod's, everything is obscenely overpriced - and the iPods aren't exactly clear, either), doesn't do modders any justice (we wouldn't be building Hackintoshes if you gave us what we wanted!), and has given some people more headaches than given credit for (You don't need to have a dictatorship to determine how to keep things simple!)  Yes, I use Apple products on a regular basis, yes, I like some of what Apple does, and yes, on occasion, I will stick up for them against some brain-dead knuckleheads who don't understand the concept of NOT being a dumbass fanboy, but I'd do the same for Microsoft, Intel, AMD, NVidea, and almost anybody else.

As far as the mouse goes, I won't use it - period.  End of discussion.  No offense, Apple, but you haven't made a mouse my size since the days of ADB - and the only reason it fit then was because I was a tad smaller than I am now.  Ever since you went USB and came out with that puck mouse, I was done with Apple-Based mice.  the sad thing is that I love the concept, would love to be doing all the new fun things you have with it - but let's face the facts, are you really worth the Carpal Tunnel doctor's bill?  I know you won't be paying for it, so you know my answer.  I hope someone else makes a bigger version of this mouse soon. 



Why would most of us care? There are so many great made for P C mice out there why go to any great pain to use a so so Apple mouse?



Would this be usable for gaming at all? I have an Apple keyboard (and I loathe Apple something FIERCE) but I might like the mouse?




First its wireless via bluetooth which isn't that great for response time. I had a microsoft bluetooth mouse that literally took 3 seconds to work after it went into standby mode. It was also very slugish. Its better to stick to a wired mouse from a good company like Razer or Logitech, the G500 looks awesome. I personally love my apple keyboard and logitech G5 for gaming.



I think $70 for a mouse is still rediculous. I don't tend to shop for mice over thirty or thirty-five bucks.

Hi MaxPC! There aren't any Apple fanboys here, are there? PCWorld's forums are swamped....  >_>



 Says you, my G500 kicks anything out the water.




Believe me putting good money into good input devices makes a difference in comfort and usability.  You're not going to compare a $15 Inland keyboard from Microcenter to a $120 Das Keyboard.  As for this mouse... I'm willing to try it out but call me old fashioned because I still like physical buttons.



I look at that mouse and all I can think of is Corroded Wrist Syndrom



 Just wait for the lawsuit to show up. Because we ALL know how Apple loves having their products used on multiple platforms and market penetration increased...

On the flip side, I's like to try the mouse. I'm thinking that the low profile of the mouse might make long-term use painful (hand cramp). But we'll see how it is when I try it.


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



Isn't it obvious why they include support for windows? If someone on a iMac uses Win 7 and the mouse doesn't work, someone would be mightily pissed.



This makes the most sense to me



That thing looks more like a spaceship than a mouse. Which is probably fine by Apple.



 I am not a fan of MacOSX, absolutely hate the pricing, and dont get me started on Mac hardware, but I think Apple did an amazing job on this mouse.  I used it at best buy the other day and loved it!  However, it only seems usefull for things like using the internet and browsing photos, so for a laptop, it would be good, but for a desktop, just stick with your normal mouse.



...but after using it for no more than five minutes my hand definately felt a little muscle fatigue. And that's saying something as I do play guitar and have rather strong hands (insert spanky joke here). I find the way the mouse is sculped very pleasing to look at but impractical to use.

In the end, a really awesome design but implemented in a physically awkward manner.

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