Mafia II Breaks World Record for Most F-Bombs Dropped in a Game



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I have been playing this game for about a week and I absolutely love it. The graphics are intense and the gameplay is amazing. 

As far as dropping the F-bomb, well, I think that is a given in the mafia. I don't think this game would have done well if it didn't have that intensity. BTW the authentic playboy centerfolds are a nice touch. There are even stats in the game that tell you how long you spend on those centerfolds. LOL.



If you get 10 hours of gameplay, thats an F bomb every three minutes. That sounds about right for normal conversation, even though I'm not a member of the mob.






I think this may even surpass Eddie Murphy's "Raw" stand up skit. And that's a shame. When the F-Bomb is way over-used like this it actually takes away from the impact of the subject matter, and in this case, what could be a decent game. I'll pass on this one.



missing out on this game would be a mistake especially if its just because of a 4 letter word. Yes its used allot in the game but its not blown out of context. Its not like listening to a 18 yr old enjoying his freedom of being able to do what he wants and not worry about mommy and daddy yelling at him. This is based inside the mafia. so you expect to hear it . So much so it would be a silly game without it. These guys kill each other for a living so hearing "darn" or "oh shoot" would be stupid.

Playing a couple chapters will reel you in for sure and you wont put it down until your done. It plays like a really good book and i hate games with a ton of dialog. This game though is seemless and keeps you involved from beginning to end. It feels allot like being apart of the sapronos or a real good movie.

The playboy books feel out of place and little to do with the game if at all. They are just there and dont add to the game other then give you something to look for. The ending was a bit....well i wont spoil that for ya...go play it :)



So I guess this outpaces the number of F-bombs that Scarface had in it? That had 207. Ouch!





Just sad.

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