Mad Catz Sets the Bar (and the Price) Pretty High for PC Flight Sticks



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It's mad catz, their shit falls apart if you look at it for too long. Everything I've ever bought from them has broken.



Yeah, they're pretty bad. Mad Catz and Nyko are two companies to stay away from. I had a Nyko controller for my PS2 with a fan in it. The fan was nice, but the insulation on the wiring crumbled and it fried my multitap. Lucky it didn't fry my PS2.
I also had a Mad Catz N64 controller, but my character kept constantly turning to the left. I couldn't stand it.
What I don'T understand about this is that Saitek is actually a good company, so why team up with shit catz?



I did got HAWX from the steam xmas deals, played a good deal on it for a few days with my Saitek X52 pro. It'd be nice to get the X65F, but not worth 400$ if there isn't much good games that involve using the stix :( Wings of Prey don't cut it to spend on a higher quailty stix. (but I will get the game, looks awesome)



That controler would kick ass for the new Wings of Prey game. Im just not into flight sims that much. Also 400 is a massive chunk of change. If you guys have not tryed the demo to that game yet you should give it a shot. Im still thinking about buying it just to into other games at the moment.



i would consider it of some really good games came out that would use that kind of thing. like a revamp of wing comander series... it's all fps, mmorpgs and rts now. shame that.



 You won't catch me laying down that kinda cabbage for a controller.Even if Micrososft made Combat Flgiht Sim 4, I wouldn't be interested in that.

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I'm used to staying away from mad catz after their shitty n64 and PS2 controllers.

And I didn't know flight sim was discontinued, sad.



 $400 is not bad considering the build quality. 




The way things are now with computer games i wouldn't even pay $100 for a controller like this.

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