Mac|Life Is Giving Away a New iPad!



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OMG I WON ANOTHER FREE IPAD!?!?!?! THIS MUST BE LIKE THE HUNDREDTH FUCKING TIME! well at least its a legit website so il give it a shot worst case scenario I win and I sell it and buy me a new GFX card



I don't like MAC's but if I won it, I would sell it.



looks like apple may have another battery/antenna problem on their hands yet reply with the same old song and dance as a solution. what else would you have come to expect from them ?

now even more problems are rolling in. i love how its the "latest and greatest" every product release yet they are more problematic each time,news-14516.html



"Even if you're not the worlds biggest Apple fan, can you turn down the chance to win a sweet new gadget for nothing more than 30 seconds of your time?"

Hmm...nothing more you say. I would say that my endorsement of a publication that covers devices which I staunchly oppose would be more than 30 seconds of my time.

My morals are worth more than an iPad...



This ^^
Besides, what am I going to say in my comment? :D

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