Mac Trojan Impersonates a Flash Player Installer



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I'm not trying to contradict, but 10% or whatever seems plenty of marketshare to target IMO. While it may not be as worthwile of a target as the Widows-base (businesses here especially) it stlll seems significant enough.

The thing is it doesn't matter what ones OS is if they can duped into installing what is essentiallly a program. The type of people who read mags like MPC are the least likely to get "infections" regardless of the fact that nearly all are using Windows (the least secure due to marketshare or whatever.) 99.9% of you can't be tricked into clicking on shit.

Unix can save no one from their own ignorance. Apple's pretty good about squashing security holes, as is Microsoft. I don't think either company hires stupid people when it comes to stuff like that. I like how MS addresses its own security with MSE. They've essentially told their base "you don't need to pay someone else to protect your computer. When you buy our OS we've got you covered to a reasonable extent."  

Being a user of both platforms I have to say from my own personal experience that AV on Mac OS is pretty useless right now. I have ESET on both my PC and my Mac. It blocks all kinds of crap on my PC (expected) but has never found or stopped anything on the Mac. It's a great AV solution but I'm honestly considering not renewing for the Mac (or just using a free solution.)

In 2006 Apple jabbed at MS in their Get a Mac commercials for the PC's susceptibility to viruses. Dumb users always parroted some crap about how Macs can not get a virus but I've never seen Apple make such a claim. As early as 2008 Apple posted a knowledge base article encouraging the use of AV software. They fell short of saying that it's necessary but encouraged it nevertheless. I've always seen this as sort of a vindication that many Mac users are not "sheep" or whatever. Many obviously don't listen when even Steve says they should get AV. They are just computer-stupid, as are all of my family on Win PCs who I have to constantly provide free tech support and virus removal to. ;)



The most advanced OS in the world.......My Ass it is.



My sister just bought a Mac laptop and said the guy at Best Buy told her and her fiance that you don't need any anti-virus software if you own a Mac. They don't get viruses. If there was ever a moment that I was ashamed that she was family, this was it. (jk)

I set her straight on the Apple myths and to never listen to Best Buy employees.



Dear Mac users;

People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.


Windows users.



It's just funny because it's all part of the "Myth of Mac".

That it's safe, secure, more intuitive, will transform you into an intelligent and likeable person, will bake you cookies......

My experience? Between Apple's operating systems, Microsoft's, and Linux, all three are viable. Apple's just the obnoxious kid standing on the corner spouting off about how awesome they are and embracing their own narcissistic ideas.



Shouldn't that be "no one should throw stones"?

I mean, unless you're trapped in a glass house and can't get out.  Then I guess it would be an appropriate time to throw stones if you had some.

So maybe it should be "only people in glass houses should throw stones"




I hope you were trying to be funny...

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