For the Mac Fans: Windows Gets Malware, Too



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Is there some reason Windows is getting abuse over JAVA exploits. Last time I checked, Oracle was resposible for JAVA! It's seems like Larry is letting everyone down here. I think it's time to dump on him! Like the Mac, JAVA is suppose to be safe. Uh, right...



i think apple woudln't have gotten this much negative attention had they been smart enough to shut their pie holes about them being virus free & far more superior than windows.

now with the malware outbreak on apple i say how does humble pie taste apple fanboys? no virus on macs huh? put that in your pipe and smoke it!



pcs have higher infection rate cause of the morons that use them like my freind i have cleaned is pc up over male ware 5 times




I don't have that much money, but I do have a PC and a Mac. I'm willing to pay a bit more for the MBP perhaps until some PC manufacturer comes up with a laptop that touches the trackpad, it's battery life, ...I won't rattle off the whole list.

Some of us don't fit into neat little stereotypes. I also considered owning just one Mac because my kids would be familiar with it from school. Would you want your kids screwing around with your Windows gaming rig? ;) The fact that it's shiny is a bit of a moot point with me since I put a black Speck cover on it for the sake of not scratching it up. I like the idea of getting decent cash when I'm done with it.

Oh: and I have ESET on both my Mac and my PC (at this magazines recommendation/review.) I said to the dude in the Apple Store (who incidentally sat and talked to me knowledgably about Windows for about 15 minutes) that I was going to put ESET on it right away when I got home because I liked it on my PC. He said that was a great idea. This was quite a while ago now...before all of these "recent developments."

Edit: this was meant to be in reply to Andacious down there.



Check your plugins to see if they're up-to-date.



I have BOTH first and foremost (Custom PC gaming rig & Mac desktop)


You guys are really tripping! I love both of my systems for different reasons and once you stop being so biased you can appriciate BOTH.


Yes Windows PCs get way more infections vs Mac but that's not the end of the world.

I love PC! don't start trolling me.

I don't understand why you guys have so much hate for something you DON'T have to buy if you don't want it.

 GROW THE F@^$ Up!



I don't buy them because they just seem too expensive, and not for my needs. Also, usually a HUGE lack of custom choices (I like black computers and the like, especially those that glow red.)

Also, Apple fanboys ruined it for me, I WAS interested in getting an iDevice, but then having it constantly shoved in my face, saying "this thing beats your thing" it just was annoying.

I like Steve Jobs for Pixar, not for Apple however, Pixar makes the best movies period.



"Also, Apple fanboys ruined it for me, I WAS interested in getting an iDevice, but then having it constantly shoved in my face, saying "this thing beats your thing" it just was annoying."

That is my primary dislike for anything Apple. This constant idea that nothing else anywhere even comes close to anything from Apple. Even their commercials do it. The latest one I've seen is for iBooks. I have a Kobo eBook reader. I have the app on my phone and tablet and PC. My entire library of eBooks is synced (over the air) to all my devices. It may not have the fancy page flip animation, but who gives a flying f**k.

Second is the customization. If its a desktop and I can't build it or tinker with the insides I don't want it. Laptops are a category of their own.

Third is the cost.



This is just capitalism and marketing in general. There are certain things that bug me about Apple as well. I think if Microsoft was in some unique position/business model where they make the computer hardware they'd be mounting some sort of challenge to Apple's "premium-branding."

I would never even really consider a Mac Pro as a desktop if I needed one. I'd be building a PC too. I do like Apple's OS but Win7 is pretty decent. I've had no real problems with it. If I wanted to watch a Blu Ray on my MBP, I'd have to decrypt it first. Blu Ray is a PITA on computers whichever way you roll, but even more so on Linux and OSX.



I havent run an AV program in years. Never gotten a virus. Even when I was using xp with an anti-virus there was no need for it cause it never found even one virus. I do love that rotton apples are getting eaten by worms! Hey maybe its GLOBAL WARMING causing this you apple homos. Uppity apple idiots.....this is great! Now you will see what the rest of the world sees that your fruit is rotton and has no software. 95% of people are smarter than you cause they own pc's. You pretend your POS mac is a ferrari when its really a odd ball LIKE A YUGO that no one would want.



"I havent run an AV program in years. Never gotten a virus. Even when I was using xp with an anti-virus there was no need for it cause it never found even one virus."

Then you sir, are a goddamn fool! Anti-Virus is better to have and never need it, then not have it and need it. And with how small, effecient and free some of them are getting (I'm lookingat you Avast!) there's no excuse.

That's just as bad as the Mac followers.



OK lets see? I've never had a virus and I'm the fool for not running a resorce HOG! Caboose (and that is a good name for you because you bring up the rear in intelligence) you obviously just run something and assume its obligitory because someone told you so. Or, maybe you are an idiot that DOES get viruses. I read somewhere you wrote you are a "computer repair man" do you work at staples selling AV software to people? Some giant "INTERNET SECURITY SUITE" that slows their computers to a crawl. I think yes. It's apparent by your response that YOU SIR ARE AN AMATURE!



@oldobamaliar - I used to work for Staples. About 8 years ago when I was in college. I'm now a PC Systems Admin for a pretty large national company. And NTLDR put it perfectly in describing how AV software works.

If you did ANY research you would realize that there are apps that run happily in the background keeping things safe and under control while not using much system resources and staying out of the way unless something bad happens.

When I worked for Staples, I'd try and convince people to go with the free apps like Avast! or AVG (before it got all bloated) and keep away from Norton, McAfee and the like. But if they wanted to use one of those apps, then that was their choice.

In all the years that I've been using and working on or with computers I've received only a few bits of malware. Sure a couple were my fault in my younger years, but not any more.

My wife's cousin thinks like you do regarding AV software, the one day that I worked with him, he had 3 people coming in with the same or new malware that had been removed. My wife's cousin HAPPILY took their money and cleaned the systems. When they asked "What antivirus should I be running?" He told them pretty much the same thing that you've said "Its a waste, resource hog and crap! Just be careful.". It wouldn't surprise me in the least if they were back a few weeks later.

And it really shows your incredible maturety with how you've handled responding to me. Its amazing really. I'm quite stunned.

@luke904 - If you don't care if you get any sort of malware on your PC, I'm sure we could find some lovely spyware and tracking software to load up on your machine and maybe get a botnet going as well. Seeing as how you don't care and all.



Response to Oldobamaliar

You have never had a virus that you have known about is what you should say.  Because with no AV software on your computer you wouldn't know if there was a trojan or a stealthed virus on your computer sending out information.  If you can follow me on this I think you will understand.  AV software is like the lock on your house doors you have them there and you use them to prevent the option of someone just walking in your house.  Saying you don't need an AV is like saying you don't need a lock on your door because nobody has ever tried to walk in your house and take things and they never will.

Next you should probably think about calming down and not name calling as it makes you look like the dunce in the perverbial classroom.  I am a Computer Tech/Network Administrator and I am for AV software for the simple fact that in a Business environment you can't trust that everyone else knows that a pop up saying you have viruses is going to tank a computer.  And if you have customers for a PC repair shop and they constantly have to bring their computers in for repeted infections because they have no AV one of two things will happen.  You will lose the customer because they will not trust you anymore or you will get screwed in costs because they can't pay it everytime. 

Just because someone recommends something does not make them an "Amateur" it makes them cautious.  If you knew anything about the internet or who was out there you would know that you can get infected from simply visiting a site or opening an email.  If you take the time to look around and see how many hacking attacks there are and malicious software that is out there on sites that you probably go to everyday and look at.  If somebody wanted to they could attach a virus to the MSN homepage or even Google and anybody that hit that site would be infected. 

Next time before you post and think about ripping on someone that you think has less knowledge than yourself do your research, refrain from name calling, and for the love of everything that is Holy if you post on the MaximumPC site please read what they put because by proxy you are calling them idiots and amateurs as well because they believe in using AV software. 





i dont run anti virus either and ive never had a virus, i think its a waste. I'd be willing to bet that the percentage of computers with and without antivirus that get virus's are almost equal.


if i did get a virus? i dont care. i dont keep important information on my computer. i have everything backed up, only for convience sake though. the only thing i might lose is some recent game saves or something. all i would have to do is reinstall windows, something thats good to do every few years anyways.



As long as you know what you download and know how to search the web without going into any suspicious site, you're good to go. I only use Malwarebytes and no, it's not an AV. Though, I dislike how Malwarebytes bashed Iobit A LOT a few years back because of some conflict. Malwarebytes were really mean back then. :/ Felt sorry for Iobit.



Apple getting viruses/malware is just another example of any operating system only being as secure as it's popularity.  If it's made by human beings, it can be compromised.



But wait, Justin Long told us that Macs couldn't get viruses! Lying bastard!



We aren't cynical and jaded because we've dealt with an infection before - we're cynical jaded because one of the top reasons Mac users give for using a Mac in the first place is that "they don't get viruses", and it's nice to see them eat a little bit of crow with their over-priced computers.





Big Hoss

Apple has some cool stuff.  Even shiny stuff.  But I am SOOOO tired of mac users saying "they don't get viruses." 

Bwah ha ha.



Mac has fans? I thought they just had mis-informed monkeys with money that love shiny things.

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