LulzSec Returns to Hack Murdoch-owned Tabloid



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I bet this confirms they are script kiddies, I didn't believe they were going to stop.



Great, the amazing LulzSec has returned to do all of us poor souls a "service" of.... ah that's right, they don't do crap for us and need to be stuck in prison for 20-30 years...



March on lemming.



Now do the same thing on all the major news site in Tokyo and bash Ishihara Shintaro, who is a rapist/porno lover/rascist/anime hater/douchebag. He's been elected 4 times already for government of Tokyo even though he commited so many crimes during the past years.

I'd like to see the faces of those idiots who adore Ishihara. LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!



Well, the US may not give a damn about these criminals, but now they have messed with the Queen.

I suspect Scotland Yard is already on it, and arrests are immenent.



Whoever is doing the Twitter account has a very different style than whoever did it before they "quit." There is more cursing and "spam" and a lot less class.



"Hey guys, lets piss off a huge media baron famous for the illicit means in which he has collected information. I mean, it's not like he would bother trying to use any portion of his vast information gathering resources and distain for legality and privacy to try and find us, right?"


I think this is either a challenge or stupidity. Perhaps a bit of both.



Finally, LulzSec do something worthwhile. Shame the story wasn't true, though :(



These folks were gone, but here they are again like back pain.




This group is lucky all of them aren't behind bars yet. It seems like they're just sticking their necks out again just for a little more attention because literally not a whisper has been mentioned of them since they fell off the grid. 

I understand people and their need to be noticed and garner attention, especially after you think you're "famous" but seriously, this is just stupid. Run and hide while you have the chance morons.



You're right.  Murdoch is a fucking saint.  Ya muppets.  Has the world gone mad?  I think you need to read up a little more on Rupert Murdoch before bashing these guys.  He's the absolute worse piece of shite on the planet.



Yes, you are absolutely right. The fact that Murdoch is most likely a terrible person completely negates any crimes they commit or have committed.


Two wrongs totally make a right and is not in anyway hypocritical. Nor does it interfere with the idea of due process or basic human rights.


See someone being a bully? Bully them right back. Beat them over the head with a 2x4, they deserve it. Since they bullied first, you are in the right to bully them back. If people start to bully you for being a bully, just be a bully back at them. After all, you were only doing what was right.

Spiral of Death, Circle of Hate? Psh-posh! No such thing. Everyone shares my views so how could they see otherwise unless they were idiots who need my guidance or the scum of the earth?


Why is not everyone singing their praises?

Sing I say. SING!

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