LulzSec Issues Mission Statement, Teams Up with Anonymous to Hack the Planet



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I can overlook typos but geez:

"and that if it hadn't of told everyone"

I love Maximum PC, but where is the editor?



Sorry , is 2011 really the year hacking got invented in? Are cyberattacks just starting to happen NOW, or is it only that all the attention this issue is getting in the press is so well timed because govts in many "civilized" countries prepare to pass legislation to censor the shit out of it ? (people in "uncivilized" countries skip rope, they don't have facebook). And secondly, even if it's so, how exactly does a hacking group's antics of exposing how UN-safe my money is in a bank - ANY bank - is supposed to allow my govt to sever the means they used to expose it?! Oh, and are a bank's computers supposed to have Yahoo Messenger working in the first place?



 They keep talking about brinks accounts. Stupid me...I thought they were talking about the bank security company... not a game site.  



These assholes screw up the accounts of their peers and make it that much more regulated instead of freeing the internet. I have no sympathy for them when they get caught but then they get to serve time in a minimum security prison. I hope they are paraded in front of the people they srewed over, then the can humiliated by being stripped and plied with honey then stuck in ant bed, pour alcohol on them let them scream in pain.



I hated to read this post.  It pains me to see that these people are carelessly stealing other peoples data and causing havoc across the whole internet spectrum without any real reason.  I don't understand what their intentions are, and I don't care.  I just wish them to stop. 

The more they do this, the less and less our freedom of the internet will be in the future, and the more regulations and oversight on the internet and that is not what we need.  We need these WOW nerds to quit being dumb.....and come on, why haven't they been caught yet?  I thougt it was easy in this day and time to track something like this. 

I feel bad for the companies that this has affected, Sony especially. I really hope this ends soon.



They will get caught eventually..



All these guys need to be nuked!  Don't give me that they are doing a service.  There is no reason to do this.  If they were doing this for the good of the world they would make it a business and make a ton of legitimate money.  But they are criminals and need to be treated that way.  Find them, lock them up and throw away the key.  Or maybe better send them to one of the countries they are so proud they hacked and let those countries deal with them.  Preferably one of the middle east countries.  Why am I so irritated?  Just got a replacement credit card because of the banks "servers have been hacked".



""For the past month and a bit, we've been causing mayhem and chaos throughout the Internet, attacking several targets including PBS, Sony, Fox, porn websites, FBI, CIA, the U.S. government, Sony some more, online gaming servers (by request of callers, not by our own choice), Sony again, and of course our good friend Sony"

Haha!  Attacked the CIA.  That's funny.  That's like testing the bath water with your big toe then claiming to have swum the English Channel.

Someone is lying in wait, patiently, for LulzSec to make a simple mistake or attack the wrong server.  In fact, I bet they already have zeroed in on one or two members, and are monitoring them so they can catch the rest all at once.



Well put. But it's more the symbolic victory over the government by hacking their public sites than it is a declaration of complete owning of the government's entire security network.

They in essence pulled down the pants of the government and the government has had to pull its pants up and hasn't done anything in retaliation yet.

They may get caught, but in the mean time they're humiliating the government and everyone else they decide deserves to be in their crosshairs.



Lulz Sec is like that really loud, annoying kid that fraks everything up for the rest of the class, not knowing when to keep its motuh shut, and no one really likes to sit with them at lunch.

Anonymous is like that kid that sits at the back of the class, quietly planning ways to torch all of the neighbourhood cats.



LulzSec insinuates that their actions will result in the betterment of security in the future. If they are smart enough to pass through wall after wall of the (supposedly) best security has to offer, then why don't they develop a better security scheme. They would be the ones who I would put my money on to create more secure protocols, if of course they would behave creatively instead of childishly. No matter how noble the reason may be for this behaviour, it is still a waste of knowledge and talent, and everyone else's time and money.




Talk about setting yourself up as the worlds biggest target. Budget for hackers, $200,000 in dodgy credit card info, budget for world $12.3 trillion dollars. Go after world, world hacks you...



I just wish I understood why they are doing what they are doing.  It doesn't really make sense to me at all.  Whatever floats your boat I guess. 



Pimply faced, teenage losers doing this in their darkened bedroom, with "Doom" and "Halo" posters on their wall while Mom and Dad are completely clueless.



Interesting that this isn't just ultra-geeks vs. sheep but decidely geek vs. geek when they go after gamers. Not that we (gamers) are always the most competent bunch, but we are fairly computer-savvy and also inordinately vindictive.



If they truly care about what they say they do then why are they "sitting on" those accounts at all? Why aren't they getting into the corporate accounts of the companies they're hacking? Why make life harder for the end user? I just don't get it.


Frank N Beenes

Since SONY fired the first shot with its rootkits years ago, I would say they are fair game and any chance to take them out should be used.  Some of these other poor shmucks Im not so sure about. 

Microsoft anyone?  Since they have no problem leaving our PCs with their pants around their ankles maybe they should be next?


And if I get one more WORD VERIFICATION on these pages I would say MaximumPC should be next after Microsoft.....



I can't see this ending well.



Nothing else posted is this true.

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