LulzSec Hacker Spills the Beans on Sony Breach, Enters Plea Agreement



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Doing illegal things are illegal. I don't care who you are. Damn nutsacks.



Jebuslovesu thats very interesting way of looking at things.

So your saying if I come by your house check your door lock and find it weak in my opinion and send you a messege stating that, then it will be your own fault when i come by and kick your door in and steal your stuff because you didn't upgrade for my attack. . . cool . . . you know if I didn't do it someone would have, I did you a favor.



Enjoy the NutriLoaf, sonny!



I think we first have to remember...$ony is a piece of spit! They brought on the attacks themselves! They were warned for a a wail that the had inadequate security, but for $ome rea$on they did nothing . Then the started to go after the hacking community for for figuring out a JB for their console? Then they pulled all kind of legal bullspit on Geohotz and other hakers around the would! I feel bad for the hackers that got cough but that's as far as my sympathies go. Sony got hit hard and they deserved it... but that's just one mans opinion...



My grandma always used to say "two wrongs don't make a right". A lot of innocent people were harmed in that exploit. Hackers of any flavor need to be put to a stop. They should all grow up and do their activism in person like adults.



Hackers of any flavor need to be put to a stop? You might want to look up the flavors of hacker before saying that.



Yeah, cause doing it in person is going to be any different. We all seen what happened during the occupy movement thingy. Its really hard to get pepper sprayed while on my computer.



I'm not a LulSec fan in the slightest, but you make a very good point. Activists are constantly targeted by law enforcement in ways that are shady at best, and very illegal at worst. Though if I remember correctly, those who worked under the Lulsec banner only claimed to be doing it for fun, so I don't think they can really claim any activism.

Can someone refresh my memory? What exactly did they steal or do that cost Sony $600,000? Sounds pretty major. I remember Sony shut down their online gaming servers for some time.



I completely agree with your opinion.


maverick knight

As a law enforcement agent, I knew that they would talk. Everyone talks, every one has a price. And that is freedom. These people are no gangsters nor mob. Heck I bet they were not even in detention, ever.

Anyone who hacks and steal software always have an ironic ideal that only sounds right in their head trying to justify their actions. Next thing you know they will be contracted to do counter intelligence.

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