Lucky PDC Attendees Will Get a Sneak Peek at the Next Microsoft Office



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Open Office ftw.

 It's free, and doesn't have a retarded UI.



The target market for Office is, of course, businesses. Many of these have already bought Office licenses which include automatic upgrades for a certain number of years. I suspect those that didn't will opt to skip a version or two unless M$ comes up with a more compelling feature list than "Office in a browser."

Most consumers who need basic office software can get by just fine with OpenOffice.




The sad part about it being "14" is that it's really 13. I think its a dumb decision to skip a number just because of foolish superstitions.  Lame decisions make the world go round it seems.


Libera te ex infernis!



If Sun can make OpenOffice and give it free then Microsoft can just add $20 for some stupid license fee and everyone would be happy.



i just got office 2007. and ive had vista for 2 years......this is why im starting to walk away from microshaft...yeah they might have okay products...but if they havent noticed....people are kinda struggling right now and will be for awhile. i dont have $500 to drop everytime they pump out a new product and i have to upgrade to make all my apps and productivity run at maximum performance.



They will also get a look at outlook 21, media player 28, and live photo gallery 256

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