LucasArts Would Love to Revamp More Classic Adventure Games -- for a Price



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 Yes, I would buy this remake. Yes I would buy more like it. These are the games that are missing from today's PC realm. Heck I still think most games today, PC,console, whatever, still could learn a thing or two about storytelling from Interactive fiction.

I still enjoy playing the old versions of these games, not because it's nostalgic, but because they're just that good. There's a reason they're classics.

 Do these games still have legs? 100%! Just have to look at AGD Interactive's Kings Quest/Space Quest remakes for proof. They're phenominal and even improve on the old games. As I'm sure Monkey Island does.

 However I agree it's very hard to get a modern gamer to even try a classic, have you ever tried to get your kids to watch Citizen Kane? or the 39 steps? Sure they'd love it if they gave it half a shot, but we know they won't.



"There's no time like the future."



The majority of the people that "buy" games buy them for consoles. PC gaming has one foot in the grave. The pirates contribute to the fall. A bad game on the console sells a million copies @59.95 a good game on the PC only sells 100,000 copies @39.95 do the math. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

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Definately bring back Tie Fighter!



Definitely worth buying. any PC game enthusiast should express support by buying these old golden games.

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The Addictor

I remember Full Throttle coming out and being one, if not THE best game ever. It had full voice over, 100% completely computer drawn animation, and just one hell of a kick ass adventure. It was way ahead of it's time, and would love to see a complete remake of it, except maybe keep the voice overs. Even had the Brain from "Pinky and the Brain" doing voice over for a character.

 I'm really surprised that they didn't start with this game on the remakes of old classics.

 Who knows, maybe we'll start seeing remakes of Roger Wilco and the Space Quest Adventures from Sierra?




Oh pretty please can we have Tie Fighter put on the list of revamps next then please? One of the best games ever made (imo) + updated graphics/audios + a decent multiplayer with maybe a smattering of coop chucked in for good measure. All of which has gotta add to a great number of people with moistened underwear in eager anticipation. Pretty Please? With a cherry on top?





Amen to that, man. I have so many fond memories of games like Tie Fighter and XWing Alliance, I'd probably buy remakes of them just to relive some good times. It is really sad that the flight sim genre has gone away. Maybe people don't like buying extra peripherals just to play a game (wait...Rockband), but I really had some great times sitting in the cockpit of a virtual F-16, Spitfire, 747, and A-Wing.



TIE Fighter would be great, but the space combat flight sim genre is way deader than even the adventure game genre (which is still just barely clinging to life).



which is why a remake is even more important



If LucasArts likes throwing away money, I suppose. I find it hard to see them releasing a PC-only game of ANY kind these days, and TIE Fighter would never work on a controller.



The only reason the space combat flight sim genre is "dead" is the lack of decent games in recent times.  After the X-Wing series, FreeSpace series, and other great sims, the developers just got sloppy and started throwing out substandard products.  Consumers got tired of it and stopped buying it.  If LA would get back together with Totally Games, who would love to rework the older games or work with them to release a new one, to produce a decent sim, it would sell.  Don't underestimate the size of that community.  Many still play the MP X-Wing games online, and there are many more who would play again with new sims or updated versions capable of running on newer OSes. 


Given what I can map on my own controller on my PC, there's really not that much of what I would consider "necessary" actions that couldn't be mapped to a controller on a console, and I'm not even making use of the digital D-pad.  Considering this applies to both a Saitek P2500 Rumble and a standard Xbox 360 controller, I don't see too much of a leap to console compatibility on the control issue.  The sheer number of buttons on console controllers today compared to when these games first came out is astounding.  

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