LucasArts Looking for Level Designers and Other Gaming Talent



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I Jedi

I personally enjoyed Republic Commando, but it was a game that didn't get the hype it deserved, in my opinion.



Be succesful George! Create more jobs!



The first position is for Lead Designer of a first person shooter title. You'll be tasked to develop core concepts, game sysytems, and game content and to "contribute substantially and decisively to the evolution of the game design from intial documentation through testing." LucasArts is also looking for a Senior Gameplay Engineer for an aerial combat title, and a Games Producer for an action/adventure game.

Star wars, Star wars and Star Wars. LucasArt went downhill since they devoted everything to that long-winded cash cow. When they flourished with innovative projects like their adventure games, they were brimming with talent. Now everyone worthwhile has left and all that remains is the same drivel.





maybe the flight one is about SW:TOR. The arcady shooter on rails they have has received a lot of flak, maybe they're thinking on adding something more like SWG's JTL or their old Xwing style space combat in the future



If Rogue Squadron got another sequel, or if Battlefield 3 incorprates better flying...I will cry in happiness

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