LSI Scoops Up SandForce for $322 Million



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LSI has been around a long time, but probably unknown to most consumers.  I do not fear this acquisition.



So, the asking price is where it is, because in the high-end business-class server-oriented SSD market, FusionIO completely dominates with their PCI-express based products.  Sandforce is probably the best word to have printed on the box of your SATA SSD, but, up in the expensive higher end compute market, it doesn't mean much.


So, that's why it's not worth more...and honestly, Intel made a mistake not moving faster and trying harder here, since their SSD strategy of working bottom up (starting with consumer grade) complements that.  Honestly, Intel has other things on their mind (see: ARM), but a missed opportunity, nonetheless.

Good luck to LSI; we'll see if they can get some footholds versus FusionIO in the server market with the new acquisition, and hopefully, they won't forget about the consumer end either.



I'm actually more surprised at how cheaply Sandforce sold for. They could have easily gotten a few billion dollars if they tried to sell themselves to a company already in the SSD business.



I was a bit surprised at first as well, until I looked up the purchase price of Indilinx. OCZ forked over just $32 million of OCZ common stock in that acquisition. By that standard, SandForce made out pretty well here.



Completely unrelated, but LSI has a president with a really cool surname. :p

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