Lower-end Asus Eee PCs to Employ Celeron M Processors amid Atom Shortage



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This would be a great market for AMD, because not only are they usually cheaper, but I believe that their processors consume much less power than their intel counterparts.  The bad news for AMD is that Penryn is still smoking them and theyre only gonna have more on their plate once Nehalem hits. 


Keith E. Whisman

Well from the benchmark testing at HardOCP.com the Via Nano processor is a faster and more powerful processor. But that is relative because both are just too slow and underperformers. The Celleron for once is a much better processor. Even an underclocked and undervolted Celleron processor will be more powerfull than either processors from Via and Intel. So get your Eee PC on while the better Celleron processors are being used. I would like to see the benchmarks of an Eee PC on Celleron over an Atom processor. Sure the battery life is going to be a little less but the performance will counter that.



Damn, really sounds like a market for AMD if they can produce cheaper, faster chips (they have in the past in the intel P4 days).



Where the hell is AMD!!

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