Lower Cost Cayman Cards with 1GB of Memory Spotted Online



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How much of a performance difference is it from the standard to the reduced memory versions? I assume you guys can't do a test anytime soon, but if the performance reduction is on par with previous cards, for example the HD 5870, then it'll be a question of price. Overall, I bought a Radeon HD 6970 video card expecting a pay a bit more than standard, if this new version performs just as well as their standard counterparts, I would be livid....



well how much of a reduced price was it?



Keeping in mind that (A) only a handful of vendors are listing the 1GB card, (B) they're all based in the U.K., and (C) it's only the Sapphire version, here's how the pricing situation currently stands:

  • Comparing prices from a single vendor, Lammer-shop sells the 2GB card for 221 euros (~$286) and the 1GB card for 202 euros ($261).
  • Comparing the lowest priced 1GB vs 2GB cards from Sapphire, regardless of vendors, there's a price difference of about 5 euros (~$6).

It's early though, and I suspect you'll see a price difference in the neighborhood of $50.

Sapphire 2GB HD 6950 Prices
Sapphire 1GB HD 6950 Prices

-Paul Lilly



thanks for the break down



If you read the article it stated the reduced RAM card was selling for half the price of it's full RAM brethren. Considering a Sapphire card with 2GB sells for $300, than that means... Well, I will let you do math, if you can.



The "half" they mentioned in the article, refers to half the amount of ram; not half the price. I'm pretty sure he can do the math too. It's apparent you can't read though :)

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