Low Prices are Driving Rapid Tablet Adoption, Where Does That Leave Surface?



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Now that MS and Dell are partners, I believe MS will use Dell's manufacturing base to build MS computers of all types and sizes.

Until Dell yanks Ballmer's tonque out.


John Pombrio

Off topic but a rich an funny topic: The NY Times blames Symantec for failing to detect only one of 45 separate pieces of Chinese government written malware that was used to steal passwords and information. Symantec says it's not to blame, the NY Times was not doing enough to protect itself!

Went to the Symantec website and one of their customers that they are proud of is the business they do with the Chinese Government. Go figure!




Paid AV is for suckers on Windows, IMO. I don't trust any of them. I think MS does a decent enough job of keeping its own house clean now with MSE.

Companies like Symantec and Kaspersky are running out of customers for Windows so now they are pulling their scare-crap with Mac-users. Soon they'll be trying to dupe Linux-users too (good luck with that.)


Paper Jam

They already have duped Linux users, in a way. I keep reading people saying how prone to malware Android is, even though I never had a problem.



That's probably all "user-installed malware," though (IDK I don't have Android, but I wouldn't think it's that much worse than iOS for keeping malicious apps out.) As long as you install only trusted apps you should be fine, I'm thinking.



Initially I was skeptical about tablets (thought the original iPad would be a flop).
Then, I didn't think 7" tablets would be a success, considering people would probably have a smartphone and the difference in area isn't that much, so phone + 10" tablet (I was proved wrong again, but I recently bought my first tablet and it was 10", I still don't see the point of a 7" tablet if you have a smartphone).
So the Surface will probably be a huge success, since I don't think it will ever take off (at those prices), and I'm always wrong.



I don't think Surface will be a huge success because the other manufacturers will produce better tablets at better prices.

But I think that's what MS wanted from the beginning. I don't think they ever wanted to compete with the likes of Lenovo for hardware...they only wanted those guys to produce the hardware that uses Win8.

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