Low Cost PC Makers Freaking Out as Windows 8 Nears Release



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Oh god, #4 almost makes me stuff my phone in the garbage disposal, especially when you need to get it on either side of an i or a l. Most of the time I just completely delete the word I was trying to fix or insert something into.



It's gonna be hard to play Battlefield4 with Twinkie cream all over the screen....rofl.



Why is the touchscreen so expensive?



If they weren't more expensive then wouldn't everything have a touch screen? I don't know the real reason but I think there's an additional layer or two that's built in the screen for touch capability.



I don't thinks its expensive. My phone,tablets, even soda machines at Dairy Queen have it. If my kindle fire has it... I think we are being lied too about the cost...I wouldn't play a PC game with it, but it would make it easier to surf the web and eat at the same time :)



I guess I was thinking "more expensive" than a normal display. The cost itself may not be expensive depending on the device.



definitely skipping this one. Hopefully in 4 years or so Microsoft will put this one under the rug if it doesn't sell (doubtful, as they never backed from the stupid ribbon in Office that I still haven't got used to).
Looks like I'll be using Windows 7 for a long time



Sitting this one out



Windows 8 does put PC makers in a real bind. Either they include touch-screen functionality or they will have to constantly explain to customers why many touch-optimized functions cannot be used. I've used the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and it feels broken trying to control it with a keyboard and mouse. How would you like to buy a new computer and discover that the OS is optimized for touch control, but the screen doesn't support it? Instead you have to use a keyboard and mouse which, unlike every other version of Windows, is NOT optimal. As this article notes touch enabled screens are going to raise the price of computers - people who don't specifically want a touchscreen are not going to pay extra for them.

It is very unfortunate that the touch optimized UI in Win8, which I expect will be excellent on smartphones and tablets, is being pushed to laptops and desktops. I am warning my customers about these issues so they know what they're getting into when considering a new computer with Win8. I hope the vendors will offer free "downgrades" to Windows 7 on demand. This situation has the potential to be much worse than what happened with Vista.



It's hogwash, and you're naive to buy into the reasoning. Ultrabooks are still money-makers, despite all the whining from a handful of vendors. I have zero sympathy for the slightly smaller margins that they may provide, especially when those same vendors are going to be doing everything they can to push tablets loaded with the same accoutrements for Apple-like margins.


Bullwinkle J Moose

Microsoft will continue to pressure everyone to implement hardware changes that work correctly with only Microsoft products!

If you use those "features" with a different O.S., you will be sued into oblivion by Microsoft unless a "Licensing Agreement" is reached

They broke the Internet with their Software (remember the Java/Silverlight fiasco?)

They are breaking other Operating Systems by suing EVERYONE who fails to submit to licensing agreements with Microsoft as well

Now they are breaking the hardware to only work correctly with Microsoft Spyware Platforms unless you (Hardware and Software Companies) can reach a licensing agreement with Microsoft!

I said it before and I'll say it again...

Ban ALL Microsoft Spyware from your networks due to security concerns and let them jump through "OUR" hoops if they ever again want to play with "OUR HARDWARE or OUR SOFTWARE on OUR INTERNET"

The World does not belong to Microsoft!

If change is Good, then change Microsoft!



wait ... you buy prebuilt computers? I kid... Unless it is a laptop, I never buy prebuilt computers. I prefer my systems to work. :D I decided i would try win8 full time and try to live with Metro. Metro still sucks.... touch screen or not. I basically dont use metro at all. I use freelaunchbar to drop menus on the taskbar and classic shell for the menuing system. I get all the benefits of very fast os without the headaches of anything metro. On top of that, you cannot use metro apps if you turn off UAC completely. With UAC on, i could not install my programs from my server. Plus some just wont run like gpu-z.

I am more inclined to go linux at this point since Steam is coming out with a Linux client. I just need to learn Mythtv for my hd primes and i may just go there.



if you are more of a advanced user, the metro UI may make you feel like you are caught in a spider web trying to go through layers of UI to find that one setting that used to be right there. I am a very happy user of windows 7, i will be waiting around for sp1 at least before i give windows 8 a shot at the title.



What happened to the $300 million that Intel had pledged to support these ultrabooks?

The touchscreen will be a nice and useful feature, but there should still be a place for a $300 to $400 inexpensive entry level notebook that will not need the touchscreen.



Everything has to change, sooner or later, like it or not. As a person that hates change, I sympathize with all of the people out there shouting out their hatred for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 7, but as a realist, often, after being forced to change or do something differently, I find that the new method is SOMETIMES actually better then the old method, BUT, if the change hadn't been forced I would have never initially experimented with it, I would have continued to do things the same old way, out of habit or fear.

Those that aren't happy with Windows 8 when it's released can opt not to purchase it or they can buy a new computer with Windows 8 on it and just "upgrade" it to Windows 7 or Windows XP, or whatever.

No one is being forced to like or even support Windows 8. Vote with your dollars. If you truly believe Windows 8 is a harbinger of the apocalypse, all you have to do is avoid it. If it completely fails then Microsoft will suffer a huge backlash, most likely worse then Windows Vista, BUT, we have to allow for the possibility that even though Windows 8 might be a huge pain in the ass to adjust to, INITIALLY, it may actually lead to something good in the future, even actual improvements in productivity or in user interface design.

I'm not going for a touchscreen laptop, not because I think that is the worst idea in the world, but I believe that a convertible laptop/tablet is more convenient and makes a lot more sense.

Things are changing, whether we like it or not, but this is just another operating system, it doesn't deserve the huge outcry that it is receiving. The difference between the first Compaq computer that I purchased in 1995 and the computer that I put together myself at the end of 2010, is massive, but those differences have made things dramatically easier and better for me over the years.

If someone had broken into my home back then and replaced that Compaq computer with the computer I use now, I would have been shocked, and it would have been jarring, and it would have taken months for me to adjust to the change in user interface and the amount of processing power now at my fingertips, but in the end, I would have had a computer with at least a tenfold increase in processing power and the ability to do things I had never even dreamed of with the old computer.

We can all declare Windows 8 a massive fail and an epic disaster, but I still believe it's going to lead to something better, eventually. Things change and that change isn't always bad.



I agree that change is usually good in the long run, and that much of the Windows 8 hate is exaggerated, but a complete oversight on Microsoft's part in the core design of the OS speaks poorly of them. Rather than address fundamental problems prior to release, they release anyway and let a whole generation of that OS's users become live beta testers. I find that to be a bit weird.

Will probably happen with 8 just as it did with Vista. Vista was a fantastic OS, but pushed way before prime time. The problems and oversights that users had to suffer through did not make up for the wonderful things Vista ushered in. (WDDM, DX10, BitLocker, fantastic start menu, Media Center overhaul/native MPEG2 decoding, power management, kernel PatchGuard, streamlined updates, native SATA support, and a huge push for the x64 architecture)



A touch screen is nice; but in no way necessary. When I browse the web (like I'm doing now), my screen sits about 18 inches from my out-reached hand. Strangely enough, my mouse has the ability to follow wherever and however I sit in front of my monitor.

I think the kinect ability to do your gestures and motions in the air will do a lot more for the mainstream computer market (and save you a ton of money since you don't have to buy new screens to use the feature) than touch ever will.

Touch works great for hand-held devices, kinect functionality works great deviceless interface, and my mouse works best because I'm too freaking lazy to want to move all that much.


Peanut Fox

Think. Eye tracking allows web pages to automatically scroll when you get to the bottom of the page!



This idea of designing something to force the use of something that is not really necessary is arrogance on their part. Solution, do the same as Vista, ignore it, don't install it. One would think they would have learned from Vista but obviously not.



I also think it's bad to do something like this when you hold a majority of the market shares in your grip. It's okay to introduce new features but it should be something extra, or at least have some sort of backwards compatibility built in. Want to upgrade to Windows 8? Oh wait, you really should buy a new touch screen monitor. Yeah, more crap you don't really need.



I'm anticipating a rush on Win7 from those folks and businesses who simply want to do their computing (and quickly access their favourite programs) without the visual bells and whistles or feeling as if they must get a touch screen system. They'll make a dash to update as far as they can without getting all Metro.

Or they'll just move to Mac.

I may be one of them.



NO! I definitely would not pay extra to have a touchscreen in a laptop or ultrabook. It's pointless. Leave that to tablets and home AIO machines.



I've always had an aphorism that operating systems should put practicality, accessibility, and modularity over innovation and visuals for this very reason.

It's like trying to jump so far over the hurdle of change that you end up landing on top of the next one over and mangling your crotch.

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