Low Cost, Low Power Gaming PCs Soon to Come From HP



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I guess this is what HP was talking about with low cost?

Well its advertised with a price drop in April 2009 at$1299.99

and for that price I expect more than a 350 W power supply to run 2 Nvidia GeForce 9800S?

Are they kidding or do they use less power when they only run at half speed (2 PCI-E x8 slot (MXM))  They can't afford a X16 on a premium computer????

Hard drives are 500GB (2 x 250GB) 5400RPM  !?!  They can't afford 7200 RPM??? This is a gaming Desktop not a laptop!!

Only 2 DIMM (240-pin, DDR2) (occupied) so you have to throw out the old memory to upgrade in the future???

No Intel Core i7???!!

I expect more from the Voodoo name!!  This is a travesty....






nsk chaos

this is definatley tempting

but who knows what the benchmarks will be, eh?

lets just pray that this low-buget rig can pull off some stunts

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