Looking for a Job? Microsoft Now Hiring for Retail Stores



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You can always hook up with a good temp agency . They have
offices like<a href="http://www.personal-l-puran.de">Jobs Weiden</a> so no matter where you are, you can find an office
to help you.They can place you in right job.



The guy in the picture should be worried about Microsoft sueing him for a copyright violation, lol.



I think it's worth pointing out that those job postings probably reflect the internal names of the positions.  There's still a chance that Microsoft will try slapping more interesting titles externally (to consumers).  I think if they're smart they won't do that since the more formal titles are more in line with Microsoft's image, but it also seems like MS has been trying to get away from that lately.



can't wait... i have always wanted to work at a computer store of some kind. i bet i would do decently in there, since i am a Microsoft user, myself. when they come to central california, i am totally there.

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