Looking Beyond Windows at Microsoft's Mysterious Midori Project



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According to the EULA, anything that you write to be used in Singularity automatically becomes the property of MS. Sounds to me like MS is using the 'people' to write their system for them and taking ownership.



Really... It is bad enough that tech and other computer related college textbooks are not only largely about the exiting new features of Vista and Office '07, and use the new and improved technically incorrect double-talk of M$, are college students learning to program going to be brawnwashed into thinking in C# so bad that that C++ is so confusing that they readily reject the whole open source model and accept the one that says that M$ owns everything? Reports like these make me think that America is doomed and it will be M$'s fault becuase they had a firm, strategic grip on the Americian mind, and we live in a country of sheep sedused by M$'s marketing branch, happily allowing M$ to indoctinernate our students, producing a crippled class of technition and programmer who will only work with M$, rejecting all other pursuits and non-related technologies, who all will be caught up in a pointless project which will mean nothing in the end, because the rest of everyone will outpace US in every way and all our efforts of the years will be eventually sealed in a properietary coffin and useless to the following generation, as also will we be. All this for what, M$?? I ask you!! Greed has no tongue but elysian syrups and all will be for naught, M$!!  



Linux = the Future NOW!!



I do hope that this new "OS" is exactly that, a lightweight, non-arcane compatible operating system that will rock!

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