Look Out, Here Comes Slacker Radio Like You've Never Seen It Before



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For 3 years they can't fix the bug that makes slacker wake up phone in the middle of the night and keeping it awake draining the battery.
What a bunch of idiots making this shit!



Major overhaul of the Slacker Radio interface, without a doubt, and as expected, some people hate it and others like it. Change is inevitable, people - deal with it.

I just fired up the new version for the first time this morning, and while it is radically different and does have a Windows 8 feel to it, I think it will just take a little getting used to. I'm not averse to it so far, and I'm not a Windows 8 fan, so take that how you will.

After the bug problems in the v3.x version (Android for me then, iPhone now) and how long it took to get crashes and other bugs resolved, I'm willing to cut them some slack, no pun intended, after introducing an entirely new interface.



"I'm willing to cut them some slack, no pun intended"

...I call BS.



was going to install in my Galaxy S3, but the reviews in the last 2 days have been horrendous, looks like they removed features and made the interface bigger and more like Windows 8. People are not happy

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